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Valentine's Testimony


Valentin was a young man who was brought up in a village called Stari Saltov not far from the Russian border. By the time he was 23 he was addicted to alcohol and drugs, So he decided to end his life.


But Gods timing was perfect as always, and he sent a Christian to witness to Valentin, and to invite him into church.


Valentin said that the people of the church looked like angels compared to him, he said that he loved everything about church, the singing, the people, the preaching.


That night Valentin believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and was saved, the next morning he said that a miracle had taken place in his life, he no longer wanted to smoke, drink, do drugs, God had changed his life.


Valentin has been saved now for 14 years, he is now a pastor in Stari Saltov village where he grew up, and serves alongside Faith in action missions.


Valentin is married to Larisa, and has 4 beautiful children.

Thank you Lord for your mercy towards me.

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