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The social services asked the believers from Kharkov to save a woman, eighty years old, name, Lyubov Semyonovna from imminent death.  Believers from Kharkov have already turned to the House of Hope for help.  Together with doctor Lyuba, Padtor Pavel Nikolayenko went to that woman.  She could not walk, her legs refused, she did not walk, but crawled.  The lights, heating and water were turned off in her flat. In order not to go to the toilet often, she rarely ate.  There is no bathroom in the apartment.  I went to the toilet in a pot, which I poured onto the balcony.  The flat is completely covered with rubbish, debris and insects crawl everywhere. This is how she lived and slept on the floor.  To take her to the House of Hope, it was necessary to change her clothes.  For this, the woman was taken out into the corridor and changed there.  In the House of Hope they had already washed her, but her hair was in such a state that it had to be cut.  We do not know how long she is with us, but she does not want to return to that place.  Now she is gradually starting to develop her legs and can already walk a little.  Great pains in the legs, heart problems.  She has no children, she has nephews, but they are not interested in her life. She believes in God, Orthodox.  When Pavel Nikolayenko went to her apartment, she said: "Here is my saviour."  I really want, and God forbid, that this soul would find the true Saviour and devote her life to Jesus.


Lyubov Semyonovna

Sirokhin Evgeny Mikhailovich, born on December 25, 1926.  Born into a Christian family.  During the Second World War, he went to the front, where he received a concussion and almost completely lost his sight and became a disabled person of the first group.  During this event, he finally decided to consecrate himself to God and that after returning home he would be baptized.  After his restoration he began to actively engage in church ministry, choir, evangelism, and group attendance.  Until 1961, he served God in this way in the Sokolova church.  That year, the Soviet state announced that the last Christian would soon be shown on television.  And the persecution of Christians began.  In 1967, Yevgeny Mikhailovich was arrested.  He then had four children.  Since the Soviet government could not directly say that they were being tried for their faith, they began to look for false witnesses.  And such a person was found.  He was supposed to testify at the trial of Yevgeny Mikhailovich but committed suicide the day before the trial.  


But this did not stop the opponents of God, and they found another false witness and the brother was sentenced to three years with a sentence in a general regime camp.  After 2.5 years, he was rehabilitated by the Supreme Court of Ukraine.  While the brother was in prison, they began to oppress his wife, and soon she was deprived of her maternal rights.  Her Three children were taken from school and taken to a boarding school.  They ran away several times, but they were returned.  After the release of their dad, they managed to escape completely.  The authorities summoned their parents to see them and threatened them with jail again if they did not return the children to the boarding school.  Then Evgeny Mikhailovich said: “Imagine that I would put my children in front of me and tell them: Children!  Leave me back to the orphanage and go to school there, otherwise they will put me in prison through you.  What kind of father am I then?  I will forever lose my fatherly authority and my children's trust and respect for me.  I cannot do that. "  To these words, the prosecutor said: "In that case, act according to the command of your conscience."  A few days later, the children were officially returned to the family.  After a while, his wife was completely paralyzed.  I could only turn my head a little.  For seven years he courted his wife, but during this time Maria, his wife, never once heard from her a word of murmur or resentment.

 After a while he remarried.  Then there was a move to America.  At the request of the children, he, as a refugee, was able to go there himself and transfer already grown children there to a permanent residence.  But he was homesick and returned to Ukraine again.  Before leaving for America, Evgeny Mikhailovich donated his home for the orphan ministry.  He said: “Once they took my children to a boarding school from this house.  Now I want children from the orphanage to be brought to this house and that it becomes their home.  At that time Natasha was not yet married and had already raised 9 adopted children.  She did not have her own separate home and he left this house for her family.  With his wife Vera Ivanovna, also an invalid, they began to live in her house and looked after each other.  But every day it became more difficult for them to live independently.  His wife's son took them to his home.  My brother lived there for some time.  But he was very homesick for the church, to preach whenever possible.  He loved to sing at train stations, on electric trains, and wherever he could.  Therefore, he decided that he wanted to spend the last days of his life in the church in which he was born, sokolova church, where he served God, for which he was arrested.  He called and said about his desire to live in the House of Hope, since he himself is no longer able to take care of himself.  And it's hard for a son to look after two disabled people.  So brother Evgeny Mikhailovich became residents of the House of Hope.  On December 25, he turned 94 years old.  He is now restoring health.  Haven't attended church yet, coordination is broken.  The brother hopes that God will still give him health and that he will serve God with singing and evangelism.  When brothers, whom he knows personally, visit him, he cries and says, "Have I really seen you again?"  We thank God and you that there is such a place where you can live out your time in a calm atmosphere, among the people of God!

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