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Pavel's Testimony


My name is Pavel. I was born in Turkmenistan, where I was influenced both by the Orthodox church and by Islamic religions. I started abusing alcohol very early in life, which led me to commit a grave crime. For which I was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment


While in prison, I met believers, heard the Gospel, and believed in the Lord Jesus Christ for his free gift of salvation, this all happened on the 5th year of my sentence.


After being released, I decided to stay in the rehab centre of the prison ministry. I got married and started serving in the prisons in the Kharkov region, visiting and preaching the Gospel of the love of God.


7 years ago, my wife Natasha and I moved to the village of Volchansk very near to the Russian border.


 Now the Lord has blessed us through fiam, and we serve him through a farm  ministry that has been established there, because of the farm we are able to reach and help many poor people in our area with food, we also evangelize and disciple the villagers.


When I was in prison, I met the team of Faith in action missions, I cannot even express how much they have influenced my life, and now together, my wife Natasha and I serve the Lord full time through Faith in action missions.

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