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Nikolai's Testimony


I grew up without Jesus In my life, I lived a selfish life, but in the autumn of 1998, my friend invited me for Bible studies. After putting it off many times, I finally went. I watched those believers closely and asked myself many questions. I liked their attitude. Since then I started visiting the Bible studies regularly. The whole winter I had no car, so I drove a little tractor 10 Kilometres to a small village where the Bible study took place.


During one study, I heard of God’s forgiveness, the importance of reconciliation, redemption from sins, and of a  personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


I thought I would get rid of my sins first and then come to God, clean and sinless, and then he may accept me. But pastors told me that I can’t possibly get rid of my sins without Gods help. That’s when I decided  to confess my sins to God, and become a Christian.


My heart was filled with joy, but there came the first testing of my faith. My wife Lena was an unbeliever at that time, and she said that if I go to church she would take our children and leave me, and go to a place where I could never find them.


 I had to choose between God and my family. It was an extremely hard choice, but I said I choose God. and God blessed my decision, because my wife repented soon after me, and we were baptized together in 1999. That’s how our Christian journey started.


In 2002 I was ordained as a deacon and became a pastor in 2008, I love the Lord, I love serving him, and I will do all that I can to please him.

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