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Natasha's Testimony


Since early childhood, I always wanted to be loved, I searched in many places for love, but could never find it. I search for love in my family, in my friends, and even in relationships, but i could never find love


In the summer of 1996, my Uncle came to visit me, he was already a Christian.

He saw my lifestyle but didn't judge me.


But one day he came to me told that there is a person who loves me, and you dont have to work for it, or earn t.


Suddenly everything i had been told about Jesus made sense, i now realised why Jesus died for me, why his blood was shed for me, and why Jesus had to rise again from the dead.


It was in the quietness of my own home that i repented of my sins, and put my trust in Jesus Christ s my Saviour


Now I live only by his grace. I find peace and joy in obedience to him. Every day I see his love, and the love of my husband Pasha.

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